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Chemical Peeling


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Step into the realm of advanced skincare with our Chemical Peeling Continuing Education Course, meticulously crafted to delve deep into the transformative world of chemical exfoliation.


Chemical peels are renowned for their ability to revitalize the skin by applying specialized solutions to exfoliate the outermost layers, unveiling a fresher, more radiant complexion beneath. Throughout this course, participants will embark on a comprehensive journey, exploring the intricate science behind chemical peels, their diverse benefits, and nuanced application techniques.


From understanding the varying depths of peels to mastering the art of selecting the appropriate peel solution for different skin types and conditions, students will acquire invaluable expertise. Beyond technique, students will gain profound insights into skin anatomy, physiology, and the underlying mechanisms of various skin concerns treatable through chemical peels.


Upon completion, graduates will be able to deliver exceptional results while prioritizing safety and efficacy. This elevated proficiency will empower skincare professionals to elevate their practice, offering clients unparalleled skincare experiences and establishing themselves as leaders in the art of skin rejuvenation.

After the course you will be awarded with a MCI Diploma.

📖  Syllabus Content

🔸 The skin (structure and functions)


🔸 Chemical peeling (about, types, agents, indications and contraindications)


🔸 Fitzpatrick scale


🔸 Acids


🔸 Preparation & technique (pre, after Care, application techniques)


🔸 Protocols


🔸 Complications and management (potential complications and emergency situations)


🔸 Advanced techniques (combinations and specialized peels)

Payment Conditions

An initial payment of 50% is required for registration.

(this amount is non-refundable).

You can pay the remaining 50% on the day of the course, before entering the class.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the fundamental principles of chemical peeling, including the mechanisms of action and physiological effects on the skin.

  • Identify different types of chemical peels, their ingredients, and their specific indications for various skin conditions.

  • Learn how to assess client skin types, conditions, and concerns to determine the most suitable chemical peel treatment.

  • Master the application techniques and safety protocols associated with administering chemical peels to ensure optimal results and minimize potential adverse effects.

  • Explore post-treatment care protocols and client education strategies to enhance treatment outcomes and promote skin health.

  • Gain proficiency in selecting appropriate pre-peel preparation products and post-peel skincare regimens to optimize treatment efficacy and minimize complications.

  • Acquire knowledge of contraindications and potential complications associated with chemical peels, along with strategies for risk mitigation and management.

  • Develop communication skills to effectively consult with clients, manage expectations, and address concerns related to chemical peeling treatments.

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