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Body Waxing


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Embark on a journey into the art of smooth skin with our Body Waxing Continuing Education Course, meticulously crafted to empower professionals with the expertise needed to master the art of body waxing. Body waxing is a renowned method for achieving hair-free, silky-smooth skin by removing unwanted hair from various parts of the body.


This comprehensive course delves deep into the techniques, tools, and practices essential for proficient body waxing. Throughout the program, students will delve into a spectrum of topics, including the science behind waxing, client consultation, hygiene practices, skin preparation, and aftercare techniques. From mastering different waxing formulas to understanding skin reactions and contraindications, our curriculum ensures a holistic understanding of the body waxing process.


Participants will gain experience in various body waxing techniques, from traditional strip waxing to advanced techniques like hard wax application. Upon completion of this course, graduates will possess a profound knowledge of body waxing principles and techniques, equipping them to deliver flawless, comfortable waxing experiences to their clients.


Elevate your expertise in skincare and beauty with our Body Waxing Continuing Education Course and unlock new opportunities in the world of esthetics.

After the course you will be awarded with a MCI Diploma.

Payment Conditions

An initial payment of 50% is required for registration.

(this amount is non-refundable).

You can pay the remaining 50% on the day of the course, before entering the class.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the fundamentals of body waxing, including the science behind hair growth and the principles of hair removal.

  • Master various waxing techniques, including strip waxing and hard wax application, for different body areas.

  • Develop proficiency in client consultation and skin assessment to determine suitable waxing methods and products.

  • Learn proper hygiene practices and safety protocols to ensure a clean and sanitary waxing environment.

  • Explore effective skin preparation methods to optimize waxing results and minimize discomfort for clients.

  • Identify potential contraindications and skin reactions, and learn appropriate strategies for managing them during waxing sessions.

  • Acquire knowledge of aftercare procedures and recommendations to promote skin health and prolong waxing results. 

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